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A consummate traveler from an early age, Parm Parmar lives to explore the world. Anything to do with food, history. culture and people pique her interest.

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Airbnb  article

Skyscanner -AirBnB vs Hotels - A Comparative Look

Who doesn't want to save money when they travel? Deciding on whether to book an AirBnB or hotel can be a daunting decision. Let’s compare what your options are so you can make an informed decision.

Western brook pond article

Guest Blog: Make the Most of Gros Morne National Park

150 Travelzoo Tips - Travelzoo Canada -- Western Newfoundland is home to Gros Morne National Park, a stunning piece of land representing Canada’s most pristine beauty.

Windstar star pride article

Windstar Cruises goes above and beyond on its first-ever President’s Cruise to Panama and Costa Rica

It's the first time on Windstar that both a Captain and a Chief
Officer of Panamanian descent have piloted the ship through the

International womens day final 1024x683 article

Five leading ladies who inspire us on International Women's Day

Five leading ladies who inspire us on International Women's day in the Real Estate market.

Burrata tomatoes ema article

5 Essential Meals You Should Eat While Visiting Chicago ...

Eating in Chicago is a critical part of your experience. Chicago, big on creativity and innovation, doesn’t shy away from letting this leak into their booming food scene.

River sila treviso article

Spotlight: Treviso, Italy

Undiscovered Treviso: A gateway to medieval churches, gothic architecture, hilltop towns with incredible views, Venetian-inspired canals, and, of course, sparkling Prosecco.

Coda gallery article

The Extraordinary Arts and Culture Scene of Palm Springs

Just east of Los Angeles, Palm Springs has long been known as the playground of the elite. Stars such as Frank Sinatra once took homage to this beautiful desert playground, but now it’s mainly home to hip retirees, outdoorsy folks and sunbathers looking for paradise.

Pioneertown article

How to Make the Most of Your Trip in the High Desert

The high desert, outside of Palm Springs, draws visitors from all over to the alien landscape of Joshua Tree National Park and the old movie set of Pioneertown. The desert is a great place for stargazing

Boardwalk views at barley barker swamp article

Discover a Quieter Side of Florida Along the Treasure Coast | Billy

Hidden in plain sight on the Atlantic coast between Orlando and Miami, the area’s charms include quaint towns and literal treasure

Bahamian cookin %281%29 article

Get a Pleasant Dose of History with a Nassau Food Tour - Travelalerts

I signed up for the Tru Bahamian Food and Cultural Tour. There are nine of us on tour from the resort; we regroup in front of the Christ Church Cathedral and meet our tour guide, Murray, who enthusiastically explains the importance of the church in Island history

Img 3339 article

Melia Nassau Beach: A Cut Above the Rest

The Melia Nassau Beach resort, only a short 6 miles east of Nassau’s Lynden Pindling International Airport, is a feast for the eyes.

Quebec chateau frontenac views from citadelle hill article

Quebec’s Grand Old Dame Has a New Modern Glow

Quebec City is renowned for its phenomenal charm, beauty, fine cuisine and its grand hotel, The Fairmont Le Château Frontenac.

London shot  article

A Musical Guide of Britain - Trip Sense |

From the Baroque to The Beatles – music is alive and hopping in the U.K.
Music has always had a loving home in the British Isles. It’s a land of music lovers as well as a major exporter and source of musical innovation.

Segsac segments blue tumalo2 article
The Huffington Post Canada

Travel Gear That Fits The Bill | Parmjit Parmar

Travel Gear That Fits The Bill | Parmjit Parmar

Caswell james bartender at  article

Hotel Review: Half Moon in Jamaica : TravelAge West

Hotel Review: Half Moon in Jamaica : TravelAge W...