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A consummate traveler from an early age, Parm Parmar lives to explore the world. Anything to do with food, history. culture and people piques her interest.

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Where to Eat in Belize

Beautiful Belize is a small, but culturally interesting country on the Caribbean coast of Central America.

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St. Pete Florida Beyond the Beach

Who doesn’t like to relax on the beach – soak up the sun in St Petersburg! Get off the chaise lounge and you’ll see there’s a lot going on.

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Butter Tart Fever Hits Midland, Ontario

Butter Tart Fever Hits Midland, Ontario

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An All-Year Destination: Escape to the Haliburton Highlands,

Want to get away from it all? Consider a hideaway in the Haliburton Highlands. There are many fine lodges and inns in Haliburton, and so much to do. In the...

7 Things You Should Eat and Drink In Montana ,

Here's what to put on your "taste" list while you're out communing with nature in Montana....

Snowmobiling, Dogsledding and Wolves, Lure Visitors to the Haliburton Forest,

Haliburton Forest is spread over 80,000 acres of prime Ontario forest and owned by German emigrant Peter Schleifenbaum and his family....